OTT specialises in placing permanent and contract staff in the IT, Finance and Engineering sectors of the market place.

Over the top!

We go “over the top” to source and acquire the best Talent to present to our clients. We align both skills and culture to fit our customers’ needs, simplifying the recruitment and selection process and therefore saving our clients time and money. Our Talent fit will never be “square pegs in rounds holes”.

Talent sourcing, selection and acquisition are not getting any easier and we at OTT strive to be innovative and progressive, ensuring we adapt to the constantly changing and competitive business markets.

If you, the Talent Seeker, are looking for professional Talent to drive your business forward, we will provide you with a selection of potential employees that will have both the technical abilities and expertise that will exceed your expectations.

If you, the Job Seeker, are looking for your dream job, we will introduce you to top companies, accommodating your skills set and preferences.

Our goal is to ensure that we connect the right people with the right jobs and to take both our clients and applicants from ‘grudge to great‘!